Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day!

Wow, another Christmas has come and gone in the blink of an eye it seems. Kids are wonderful aren't they. Beautiful with eyes full of wonder and excitement.
We got a wake up call christmas morning from my niece McKinlee at 7:00 a.m., honestly we may have slept till 8:00 if we wouldn't have got that call, so thanks ninny, who sleeps in on Christmas morning? We all had a wonderful christmas! The kids were so excited and so appreciative of their gifts. Really, I could not ask for better children. They are so thoughtful and kind. They are my greatest gift.
Britton just wanted to keep unwrapping, once he got the paper off he just handed the box to us. He was excited once he realized what was in the box.
Maci was so excited , just tearing the wrapping paper off as fast as she could. After everything she opened, she just could not say thank you enough times. She said "Mommy I love it" , "We are so lucky", Thank you so much, over and over again. She was in the best mood ever and just absolutely loved Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was so much fun.
Tanner's expression on his face said it all. He didn't say much, but you could read it all over his face. He was suprised by his Rock Band 2 drumset. He loved it. He too, was very grateful for his presents. Cute, Cute, little kiddies.
Oh, and I did get that New Digital Camera that I asked for, that was very exciting.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve.....

We had our annual Christmas Eve Party over in Paragonah at Dougs Uncles House. We had a wonderful Dinner, visited, sang a few songs and went home to get to sleep so that Santa could come! The kids were so excited. It's so wonderful having kids, it keeps the magic of christmas alive. When we arrived home that night we let the kids unwrap one present,which is their pajamas. This is a christmas eve tradition of ours. My mom did it , and now I have carried it on with my own kids. They get just as excited as I remember getting on christmas eve. Maci Bo got Hannah Montana pj's, and Tanner and Britton got Transformer pj's. I took a cute picture of maci unwrapping her jammies too, but my camera has seen better days and it didn't turn out. Unfortunaely a lot of my pics are somewhat blurry. I did ask for a new camera for Christmas!!!
Right before the kids went to bed, they took some reindeer food that maci got from her teacher and sprinkled it on the lawn. It was snowing and the kids were outside in their pj's with boots on. They had a blast. And guess what? We woke up to reindeer footprints out on the grass and they came right up to our porch. The kids were so amazed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just wanting to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas! Hope all is well! 'Tis the season to be grateful for what we have. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tanner & Maci's School Christmas Program

What some cuties.............

The Elementary's Annual Christmas Program was held last night. They had two programs, one in the morning and one in the evening. I was lucky and got to go and see it twice.Thats the perks of working their I guess. The theme for this year was Christmas is a Season of Joy. It was grades Kindergarten through 6th grade, 385 students crammed on one stage. It was so darling. The K-2nd grade sang together and so on. Then the whole school sang together at the end of the program. One of the Teachers came up to me after the program and said "Wow I can't believe the rythmn your kids have. It's true though, from the time Tanner could sit up he was bouncing right to the rythmn of every song. Maci has followed in his footsteps too. They all love to sing and dance. They did such a wonderful job last night, I just wish I could have seen little Tanner better. He was on the very back row and he is a shorter kid, so he just had to keep peeking out around the kids in front of him. Maci was front and center and she boogied her little heart out. Just like the principal said" This is what starts off Christmas in Parowan" There is not a better way to get us in the Christmas Spirit.

Malmgren Family Party!

Little Britt was thouroughly enjoying his
Peanut Butter Bar.

We had such a great time at our Malmgren Family Christmas Party last weekend! It was so fun getting together with the family and starting off the Christmas Season. We had a nice dinner, opened presents, went on a Hayride to a Nativity seen where we listened to songs and stories, followed by some hot chocolate, and when we got back to the town hall in mayfield where we held the dinner and activites, Santa Clause made a Suprise visit. The kids were so excited. It was so good to see everyone and visit for awhile. Thanks mom for making the party come together, you did an awesome job.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees........

Well, The job is accomplished! It's always been a tradition to get our trees up and decorated on Thanksgiving weekend. I bought a beautiful new Tree last year , and it was so exciting to pull it out and get it up this year knowing that it was all paid for and that I will have it for years to come. This is my tree, and we went and got the kids a real tree yesterday for them to decorate all by themselves. They absolutely love it. My mom makes them an ornament every year with their name and the year it was made for them to hang on their tree. They are always so darn cute. This is a tradition my kids look forward to every year. I think they did a really good job.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Ballerina


Maci, her friends, Alesia & Ashlyn


Maci Bo Performed at the Talon Craft Fair at canyon View Highschool in Cedar City on Friday night. It was decorated so darling for christmas. She performed a dance with preschool aged kids on up to 2nd graders for the 1st number. The second dance was just her class which consists of Kindergarteners , 1st, and second graders. This was the first time they have performed this dance and it was just absolutley adorable. Their outfits were just to cute for words. Maci did a really great job. My parents came down to watch her dance. They are so good to make sure they make it to as many performances and/or games that all of their grandkids have. The kids' faces just light up when grandma and grandpa come around. So thanks mom and dad for always being their for all of us and just being the best parents and grandparents anyone could ever ask for.
Maci also got to perform her clogging number. It is so fun to watch. The kids just look like they are having so much fun doing it. Way to go little Maci Bo, You did a great job, and you are so beautiful! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Yeah! We found it!.............

Maci Bo & Britton. Britt loves Ninja Turtles. He really loved playing the
Part of one on Halloween.

Hannah Montana(Maci) Crazy fro lady(Mom)
& Kitty Kat( Mckinlee)

Ninja(Tanner) and S.W.A.T Member (Trey)

It turns out my oldest son Tanner had my USB cord in one of his drawers. He thought it belonged to his Nintendo DS. I never would of thought to look in their. My husband found it. I have so many pics to post and I should probably just post the newest ones, but I have to put some of the Halloween ones on here. We all got to go to Salina this year and we had a lot of fun. All seven of my mom and dads grandkids were their for the first time ever and the kids had a great time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Sweet kids!

I wish I could remember everything the kids say. If I was smart I would write it down right when they say it, but who has time for that.
My kids are growing up to fast, and now that I don't have a "baby", it seems even harder watching them grow up. My baby is 3. Britton goes to school 2 times a week , and maci and tanner are gone all day to school. They are all doing so well. Tanner brings home 100 % scores on all of his math, spelling, & vocab tests almost every week. There has only been a couple of exceptions. He is everyones friend and all around just a great kid. He brings me to tears all of the time, tears of joy that is. He is considerate of everyones feelings and he still has to have a hug from me every night before bed, or else he cannot go to sleep. He is for sure momma's boy. He is so smart,(Where did that come from, I don't know).
Maci Bo has climbed up the ladder in school. She has learned so much in so little time and I am so proud of her. She loves school, as far as I know! She is taking dancing lessons on Tuesday, and Clogging on Wednesday. She is doing very well in both. This is her 3rd year of dance and her 1st year of clogging. She likes to be attached to my hip, and she has a little beanie baby dog that she cannot put down. It's actually a habit I wish she would break. If we leave the house with out it, it turns into a Major, and I mean Major meltdown. So, we dont leave the house without it.! Trust me, it's UGLY! Maci Bo is a sweetie, with an attitude. What girl doesn't have one, some are just worse than others. I love my little girl and all that comes with her.
Britton is also doing well in school. He is talking so much better. He is Counting, coloring, saying all of our names , including his and a lot others. He basically repeats everything we say. My favorite word he says is Fish, he says it with a W in front of it, it sounds like Wa....hish. He is trying so hard with the whole speech thing, I am so proud of my baby. He loves his friends and his family . He loves cuddling with me and his daddy, preferably at night, when he should be in his own room, and he loves to play with my hair and he always has. He loves to argue with people too. He is so famous for saying " No it's not, No I don't, uh huhh, ! Sure, right now it's cute, but what about when he gets older, hopefully he will grow out of it, but right now , for some silly reason I think it 's cute. I am going to try and be better about writing stuff now. Kids do say the darndest things. I Love my kids, they are my world.

It's still lost!

I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted any pictures. I have so many adorable fun photos and I can't even post them. I have no idea where my usb cord is, (still!) I guess I'll just have to buy a new one!
On a different note, We had a lot of fun on Halloween. We took advantage of the weekend and went to Salina. My kids and all of their cousins got to go trick or treating all together for the first time ever. They had a lot of fun, but oh, were they more wild than ever when we returned home from it all.
Tanner was A Ninja, Maci Bo was Hannah Montana,(My Brother thought she was trying to be me as a little girl), and Britton was A Ninja Turtle. They all looked so cute. (I'll show you someday). Maci wore her costume all day , at school and until 9:00 that night. They only let the kindergarten kids dress up for school here. Its kind of a bummer to the rest of the kids, but rules are rules.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking for My Camera Cord!

Well, I have lost my USB cord to my camera so I have not been able to download any of my new photos.
Maci Clogged the other day at the October Fest here in Parowan and I got some darling pics. This was her first clogging performance. She was so darn cute. I also got some cute pics of the kids carving pumpkins. So hopefully I will soon find my cord and I can show you some of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pickin Pumpkins!

Today Britt and his preschool buddies went to the Paragonah Pumpkin Patch. There is a huge field of Pumpkins and anyone can go their and pick how ever many you want. The little kids get to pay a dollar for how ever big of a pumpkin they can carry themselves. For the little ones thats not very big, but they still have so much fun and they are so proud to pack it all by themselves. Britton was so cute picking his pumpkin. He was actually quite picky. He kept saying eewww, Gross, when he would stumble upon one that was partly smashed or green.

Maci's Jr. Cheerleading Clinic!

Last Monday Maci Bo & her friend Alesia started a Cheer Clinic. They practiced for one week and at the end of the week they performed at the Highschool football game halftime performance last friday. They looked so cute and had a lot of fun. They got a T-shirt and Pom Poms out of the deal, and hey, that was the best part for them. Parowan ended up playing North Sevier this game, and boy was it ever a good game. North Sevier barely one it when they went into over time. It was so close and both teams
played really well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I guess it's my turn... I've been tagged!

7 Things I can do........

1. Take care of Children
2. Take pictures
3. Blog
4. Mow the lawn
5. Clean(When motivated)
6. Do my daughters hair
7. Bottle Salsa

7 Things I cannot do.......

1. Sew
2. ride a horse
3. Speak in front of a large crowd
4. Eat Sushi(I'll copy this one from Tami) or any thing raw for that matter!
5. Quit Stressing out!
6. snow board
7. I can't remember much these days.

7 things that attracted me to Doug....

1. The way he winked at me
2. The way he looked at me
3. His kindness
4. His laugh
5. His Sarcasm(yes, I know, Crazy)
6. He is a good, hard worker
7. He loves his family and would do anything for them

7 Things I say most often.......

1. I love you
2. Be Careful
3. Please don't fight
4. I'm going to kick your little fanny!
5. That's for sure
6. Be good
7. That makes sense!

7 Admirations......

1. My mother, She has had a lot of heartache over the past several years, and through it all, she has been their for all of us with a positive attitude ,and a heart full of love. Love you mom.

2. My Dad for always being a good hard strong worker and helping raise all of us kids in a great home full of love. Love you too Dad!

3. Doug for being the great provider for us that he is. I admire his physical strength and the fact that he can do and fix just about anything when he decideds he wants to.

4. My sister for moving on all on her own and practically raising a young child by herself.

5. I admire Teachers and Teachers aides. So I guess with hoping I'm not to full of myself, I admire myself for going on with my 3rd year of helping and teaching children.

6. My friends for always being their when I need them.

7. My children, for making it possible to love someone more than you could ever describe. They mean the world to me. I never knew it was possible to love anyone the way that I love my 3 little angels.

7 Favorite Foods..................

1. Pizza

2. Pasta

3. Panda Express( Orange Chicken)

4 . Costa Vida's Smothered Pork Burrito

5. Home grown veggies

6. Honey Barbecued Wings

7. Barbecued Spare Ribs

ARE YOU READY ? 7 People to tag.......


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spending time with Family........

On Sunday, we were very lucky to have my two nieces and one of my nephews come and stay with us for the day. We definitley made the most out of the 7 hours we had with them. Mckinlee had a recipe for some play dough, which was very easy and not time consuming at all. Which She found in my moms book of recipes. They had brought some of their own, and so we made 3 batches here for my 3 kids. They had a blast playing with it. They made cookies, a cereal bowl and spoon, with cereal in it, their names, etc. It was something fun to do for a change.
Doug also took the girls and Britton on a motorcycle ride. Yes, Doug just bought a motorcycle. Theres a few mixed emotions. I really wanted one, but it's a little to close to christmas. I do have to say, I love riding on it though.
We sure enjoyed having the kids for the day. Thanks for coming down. Love you guys!