Monday, March 30, 2009

Rumor was true!!!!!

Well, the girls really did take first place at the competition in Richfield. Not only did they take first in both dances, but with both dances combined they took overall in their category. Talk about exciting. I am so proud of my princess. She enjoys clogging so much.

In the meantime we have been to a new competition down in St. George this past weekend, with tons more competitors. Me, Maci, My Friend, and her little girl drove down together and spent the day. We had a great time. The Girls took FIRST Place again in both dances.
Isn't that Awesome? It is just so neat to see girls so young do so well. This is their very first year being competitors. They are so cute. They deserve a huge pat on the back as do their coaches.
Maci and her friend Alesia were the only girls on their team who were still at the events when the awards were being given out, so they got to go down in front of everyone and they each got a trophy almost bigger than them to hold. They were so proud! What some fun memories for them!

Chin up! Smile big! Hands on Hips! Ready position!