Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's more ADORABLE than a toothless grin??????

"In this pocket you will find
a teensy tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Lets see if you can make a trade......"

Loosing this first tooth has been a long time coming. She has been asking for months why she is the only one in her class that hasn't lost any teeth yet! LOL! "Finally", she says, I have a wiggly tooth. She worked on it for a few weeks, and it finally got loose enough for her Daddy to pull it out. She was so HAPPY! Words cannot describe!

The kids on their last day of School!

On the last day of School , I went and spent a little time in each of my kids' classroom. I took some treats and just hung out and took some pictures of them. They were all so wound up!

Maci Bo and a few of her classmates that were definitley not shy in front of the camera. They were so cute. Maci had a wonderful first grade year! She just loved her teacher. She did wonderful with her reading and worked so hard on all of her homework. :) So proud of her!

Britton and his Bus Driver! He just loved this guy! He talked about him everyday.. Britt just finished his 2nd year of Preschool. He is doing so well, and growing up way to quick. He is my BABY and he will be starting Kindergarten next year. That is totally crazy to me. I'll probably have a nervous breakdown or something.
Good Job Britt, you did a wonderful job.
Tanner and his 3rd grade class. Tanner did so well in school this year. He was on the honor roll , and just a really good, hard working boy. I'm so proud of him. He loved his Teacher.