Thursday, June 4, 2009

On May 18th the cloggers got together after
their big Lagoon Clogging Competition for their
end of the year party and awards ceremony.
Maci Bo won the award for the Most Valuable
Clogger . All of her Team mates voted for this.
It was based on who each one thought tried
the hardest, was eager to learn, was nice
to everyone, and did the best job! How sweet
is this that she won the most votes for this! She
was very proud, as she should be.
Her Teacher gave her an award for the best
showmanship on the team. She was chosen
and one other little girl, for being on the Color
Country All Stars Team for 2009! I am so proud
of my little girl. How Awesome is she!

Wow! Look at that first place trophy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Maci and her friends

A couple weeks ago we went to Lagoon for a Nationals Clogging Competition. This was Maci's first year clogging at a Lagoon compeition and she had a great time. They ended up taking first place in both dances and got an overall first place on their dance "marry me"! They have done such a great job this year. I have enjoyed watching them so much. Maci LOVES clogging and does very well. The weather was fantastic that weekend. WE had a great time.