Monday, February 2, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

I have to say, Pretty good for an almost thirty
year old!

Fun with Grandpa!

My 3 cutie pies!

Birthday Desert!

Well, I'm officially 29!

I don't know why it seems so weird to me to be 29, other than I'm only one year away from thirty. I remember being a teenager and thinking how old thirty sounded. Now here I am, one year away from turning the Big "30"!

The day before my Birthday, my friends took me out to dinner and had a Birthday Cake brought to our table with 29 big candles in it, I thought for sure the cake was going to start on fire; and then they all sang happy birthday to me. Afterwards we went to Maurices shopping, and we tried on clothes for about an hour. We had a great time. I have some great friends. Thanks everyone for the fun Birthday outing.

On Saturday, My actual Birthday, My Mom and Dad came down and spent the day with us. We hung out for awhile, and then they took us out to dinner. We had a great time hanging out with them. Thanks mom and dad for a fun filled day. Thank you for the nice presents, you guys are the best. Love ya!