Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Maci Bo!

I would like to wish My Princess a very Happy Birthday! I can't believe shes seven. Seriously where has the time gone. She was so excited on her Birthday! Even though it was such a busy day. She had an early Birthday party with friends after school, then we went straight to Her Brothers Ball game and then off to hers, and then straight from there to her End of the year Clogging Recital! She was Exhausted ! We love you so much Sissy Bo!
Maci Bo recieved an Exciting gift from her Grandparents , Her face says it all! Grandma & Grandpa Sylvester gave her a wallet, and inside of it was 50 one dollar bills. She couldn't have been Happier. She also recieved 40 dollars from her Grandpa & Grandma Johnson.... Thats what she wanted this year M.O.N.E.Y!!!! $$$$$ She ended up with one hundred and fifty eight dollars. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa, Your the best. We love you!