Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Ballerina


Maci, her friends, Alesia & Ashlyn


Maci Bo Performed at the Talon Craft Fair at canyon View Highschool in Cedar City on Friday night. It was decorated so darling for christmas. She performed a dance with preschool aged kids on up to 2nd graders for the 1st number. The second dance was just her class which consists of Kindergarteners , 1st, and second graders. This was the first time they have performed this dance and it was just absolutley adorable. Their outfits were just to cute for words. Maci did a really great job. My parents came down to watch her dance. They are so good to make sure they make it to as many performances and/or games that all of their grandkids have. The kids' faces just light up when grandma and grandpa come around. So thanks mom and dad for always being their for all of us and just being the best parents and grandparents anyone could ever ask for.
Maci also got to perform her clogging number. It is so fun to watch. The kids just look like they are having so much fun doing it. Way to go little Maci Bo, You did a great job, and you are so beautiful! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Yeah! We found it!.............

Maci Bo & Britton. Britt loves Ninja Turtles. He really loved playing the
Part of one on Halloween.

Hannah Montana(Maci) Crazy fro lady(Mom)
& Kitty Kat( Mckinlee)

Ninja(Tanner) and S.W.A.T Member (Trey)

It turns out my oldest son Tanner had my USB cord in one of his drawers. He thought it belonged to his Nintendo DS. I never would of thought to look in their. My husband found it. I have so many pics to post and I should probably just post the newest ones, but I have to put some of the Halloween ones on here. We all got to go to Salina this year and we had a lot of fun. All seven of my mom and dads grandkids were their for the first time ever and the kids had a great time.