Sunday, September 7, 2008

My first try at Canning.............

We went to Salina for the weekend, and I've always
wanted my mom to teach me how to make salsa.
And Guess what? Her tomatoes in her garden
were ready. So, we decided to make a few batches.
I can't believe what an all day project it was, but
it was fun to learn how to make it, and the best
part of it all was hanging out with my mom, and
having her be the one to teach me how to make it.
So, now that I have tried my hand at canning, I
might get the bug and decide to can something
at home all by myself. It took me eight years of
marriage, and 3 kids later, to finally give this a shot.
Yummm.........It turned out pretty good if I say so
myself! Thanks mom! It's moments like these that
we'll always remember!
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