Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Sweet kids!

I wish I could remember everything the kids say. If I was smart I would write it down right when they say it, but who has time for that.
My kids are growing up to fast, and now that I don't have a "baby", it seems even harder watching them grow up. My baby is 3. Britton goes to school 2 times a week , and maci and tanner are gone all day to school. They are all doing so well. Tanner brings home 100 % scores on all of his math, spelling, & vocab tests almost every week. There has only been a couple of exceptions. He is everyones friend and all around just a great kid. He brings me to tears all of the time, tears of joy that is. He is considerate of everyones feelings and he still has to have a hug from me every night before bed, or else he cannot go to sleep. He is for sure momma's boy. He is so smart,(Where did that come from, I don't know).
Maci Bo has climbed up the ladder in school. She has learned so much in so little time and I am so proud of her. She loves school, as far as I know! She is taking dancing lessons on Tuesday, and Clogging on Wednesday. She is doing very well in both. This is her 3rd year of dance and her 1st year of clogging. She likes to be attached to my hip, and she has a little beanie baby dog that she cannot put down. It's actually a habit I wish she would break. If we leave the house with out it, it turns into a Major, and I mean Major meltdown. So, we dont leave the house without it.! Trust me, it's UGLY! Maci Bo is a sweetie, with an attitude. What girl doesn't have one, some are just worse than others. I love my little girl and all that comes with her.
Britton is also doing well in school. He is talking so much better. He is Counting, coloring, saying all of our names , including his and a lot others. He basically repeats everything we say. My favorite word he says is Fish, he says it with a W in front of it, it sounds like Wa....hish. He is trying so hard with the whole speech thing, I am so proud of my baby. He loves his friends and his family . He loves cuddling with me and his daddy, preferably at night, when he should be in his own room, and he loves to play with my hair and he always has. He loves to argue with people too. He is so famous for saying " No it's not, No I don't, uh huhh, ! Sure, right now it's cute, but what about when he gets older, hopefully he will grow out of it, but right now , for some silly reason I think it 's cute. I am going to try and be better about writing stuff now. Kids do say the darndest things. I Love my kids, they are my world.

It's still lost!

I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted any pictures. I have so many adorable fun photos and I can't even post them. I have no idea where my usb cord is, (still!) I guess I'll just have to buy a new one!
On a different note, We had a lot of fun on Halloween. We took advantage of the weekend and went to Salina. My kids and all of their cousins got to go trick or treating all together for the first time ever. They had a lot of fun, but oh, were they more wild than ever when we returned home from it all.
Tanner was A Ninja, Maci Bo was Hannah Montana,(My Brother thought she was trying to be me as a little girl), and Britton was A Ninja Turtle. They all looked so cute. (I'll show you someday). Maci wore her costume all day , at school and until 9:00 that night. They only let the kindergarten kids dress up for school here. Its kind of a bummer to the rest of the kids, but rules are rules.