Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spending time with Family........

On Sunday, we were very lucky to have my two nieces and one of my nephews come and stay with us for the day. We definitley made the most out of the 7 hours we had with them. Mckinlee had a recipe for some play dough, which was very easy and not time consuming at all. Which She found in my moms book of recipes. They had brought some of their own, and so we made 3 batches here for my 3 kids. They had a blast playing with it. They made cookies, a cereal bowl and spoon, with cereal in it, their names, etc. It was something fun to do for a change.
Doug also took the girls and Britton on a motorcycle ride. Yes, Doug just bought a motorcycle. Theres a few mixed emotions. I really wanted one, but it's a little to close to christmas. I do have to say, I love riding on it though.
We sure enjoyed having the kids for the day. Thanks for coming down. Love you guys!