Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Britton! July 9th, 2010


Seriously, My BABY is turning 5 tomorrow! How did this happen? Where has the past five years gone? I sure love this little boy. He is so full of life! He has us laughing all day long! When he first learned to ride his bike he was so excited , he said "Mommy watch your little boy ride his GIANT bike!
A few months ago he asked if he could take off his Cavity bugs and step on them.
One night he wanted me to sleep with him until his eyes were closed . I waited for a few minutes and got up to leave and he said" Wait mom, come back, I messed up! I need to close my eyes again. He is so darn silly! There for awhile Britt would say every night  , " Me just a little boy, me need to sleep with you!"

These are just a few of the silly things my little Butterball has said. Everyday he has us in stitches and loves to suprise us with something new and "interesting."

Little Britton Johnson as cute as can be,
He is such a delight to our whole family!

When he was just six days old,
his respitory system was trying to shut down,
They said he was very sick, they called lifelight, and he was Provo Bound..

The doctors and nursed did everything they could do,
It was up to little Britton now, we all prayed he would pull through!

He stayed in ICU for eleven long days and ten nights,
With me and his daddy by his side just praying he would be alright.

It was nothing short of a miracle, little Britton recovered completely,
and as the days went on our love for him grew more deeply..

It has now been 5 whole years, and britt is a healthy and happy little boy.
He is our little buddy cup, butterball, silly goose and more...
We love you little buddy. You are our little Miracle sent from heaven above..
We will always be here for you, with lots and lots of love!