Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall Photos!!! Yes, Im way behind!!!

My little man.. He is so cute...
He would never admit to it, but he loves Hugs from Mommy! :)

                                            Robbie, Shauni, Dad, Me and Mom! Dad and Robbies
                                             big Birthday Bash! So much fun!

Meand My sis in Vegas at the Pumpkin Patch

                                                          Dad and eight grandkids!!!
                                                           My little Ninja and Shauni's pup,
                                              Mommy and Britt on the bust headed to Hidden
                                                 Haven for Kindergarten and 3rd grade Fieldtrip!
My little girl Ninja

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days of School......

Can't believe we've been through 10 days of school already! The first day was so much fun for the kids.. You get to bring a parent or grandparent with you for 2 hours on the first day and do all sorts of activities..The kids had so much fun, and as you can see so did I. I got to race in a box car down the track with the teachers and a few of the aides at our school... It was a blast.. Other than my car was pretty beat up before it was all said and done. All the men were playing demolition derby instead of racing down the track..LOL It was so much fun....
Tanner is loving 4th grade... says this is his best year yet, but he says that every year! Lol but that is a good thing:) No homework yet, he finishes it all at school.
Maci is loving 2nd grade,,, She has turned into the little jump roping queen... Has a darling class with lots of good , cute, friends!!!
And my BABY, Britton, He started kindergarten just 2 days ago:(...I cannot believe it! He seemed pretty proud to go.. He finally gets to be in the big school with Tanner and Maci... Hes been looking forward to that for a few years now... Seems to be doing really well. I hope it all goes well. The first year of school always makes me nervous with each one of my kids!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Shoot, by my Sis!! So So cute!

We were all so Excited to get these pictures taken. What a fun day for us all. My sister took these on the 5th of July and we all had so much fun with them. I just want to send a BIG THANKYOU to Shauni.. You Rock!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Britton! July 9th, 2010


Seriously, My BABY is turning 5 tomorrow! How did this happen? Where has the past five years gone? I sure love this little boy. He is so full of life! He has us laughing all day long! When he first learned to ride his bike he was so excited , he said "Mommy watch your little boy ride his GIANT bike!
A few months ago he asked if he could take off his Cavity bugs and step on them.
One night he wanted me to sleep with him until his eyes were closed . I waited for a few minutes and got up to leave and he said" Wait mom, come back, I messed up! I need to close my eyes again. He is so darn silly! There for awhile Britt would say every night  , " Me just a little boy, me need to sleep with you!"

These are just a few of the silly things my little Butterball has said. Everyday he has us in stitches and loves to suprise us with something new and "interesting."

Little Britton Johnson as cute as can be,
He is such a delight to our whole family!

When he was just six days old,
his respitory system was trying to shut down,
They said he was very sick, they called lifelight, and he was Provo Bound..

The doctors and nursed did everything they could do,
It was up to little Britton now, we all prayed he would pull through!

He stayed in ICU for eleven long days and ten nights,
With me and his daddy by his side just praying he would be alright.

It was nothing short of a miracle, little Britton recovered completely,
and as the days went on our love for him grew more deeply..

It has now been 5 whole years, and britt is a healthy and happy little boy.
He is our little buddy cup, butterball, silly goose and more...
We love you little buddy. You are our little Miracle sent from heaven above..
We will always be here for you, with lots and lots of love!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's more ADORABLE than a toothless grin??????

"In this pocket you will find
a teensy tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Lets see if you can make a trade......"

Loosing this first tooth has been a long time coming. She has been asking for months why she is the only one in her class that hasn't lost any teeth yet! LOL! "Finally", she says, I have a wiggly tooth. She worked on it for a few weeks, and it finally got loose enough for her Daddy to pull it out. She was so HAPPY! Words cannot describe!

The kids on their last day of School!

On the last day of School , I went and spent a little time in each of my kids' classroom. I took some treats and just hung out and took some pictures of them. They were all so wound up!

Maci Bo and a few of her classmates that were definitley not shy in front of the camera. They were so cute. Maci had a wonderful first grade year! She just loved her teacher. She did wonderful with her reading and worked so hard on all of her homework. :) So proud of her!

Britton and his Bus Driver! He just loved this guy! He talked about him everyday.. Britt just finished his 2nd year of Preschool. He is doing so well, and growing up way to quick. He is my BABY and he will be starting Kindergarten next year. That is totally crazy to me. I'll probably have a nervous breakdown or something.
Good Job Britt, you did a wonderful job.
Tanner and his 3rd grade class. Tanner did so well in school this year. He was on the honor roll , and just a really good, hard working boy. I'm so proud of him. He loved his Teacher.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Maci Bo!

I would like to wish My Princess a very Happy Birthday! I can't believe shes seven. Seriously where has the time gone. She was so excited on her Birthday! Even though it was such a busy day. She had an early Birthday party with friends after school, then we went straight to Her Brothers Ball game and then off to hers, and then straight from there to her End of the year Clogging Recital! She was Exhausted ! We love you so much Sissy Bo!
Maci Bo recieved an Exciting gift from her Grandparents , Her face says it all! Grandma & Grandpa Sylvester gave her a wallet, and inside of it was 50 one dollar bills. She couldn't have been Happier. She also recieved 40 dollars from her Grandpa & Grandma Johnson.... Thats what she wanted this year M.O.N.E.Y!!!! $$$$$ She ended up with one hundred and fifty eight dollars. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa, Your the best. We love you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Tanner

It's My son Tanners Birthday today. I just want to wish him a Happy Birthday! He is such a great Boy. Where has the last nine years gone. It makes me feel old. Tanner recieved one hundred and fifty dollars from family and friends, so we decided to shower him in his money. He thought it was pretty cool. I surprised him at school today with some balloons,I think he thought it was pretty fun.
Happy Birthday Tanner. We love you!

Dixie Clogging Competition for Maci Bo

On March 27th Maci Bo competed in a Clogging Competition Down in They ended up doing awesome. She had 2 group dances and one duet with her friend Alesia. They started learning there duet 3 weeks before they performed it. They were so so cute. They took first. YAY! I was so happy for them. Hard work pays off! They also took an Overall first place in one dance and a first place in there other. I enjoy watching her clog so much. They did there Duet to Shake your Groove thing from the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks! So we decided to dress them in the 8o's styles.