Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Summer Vacation to Lake Powell- August 8th-11th

The boys, starting to jump off the cliffs
Their goes my hubby, I could hardly watch .
Atleast he's pointing his toes. Obviously he has
done this before.

We spent a lot of our time going on boat rides and finding new areas to play in and swim in. The older boys, meaning Doug and his Brothers and one brother in law found some really high cliffs to jump off of. They may not look so high in the pictures, but believe me, in person, they were plenty high. I was very content to just set in the boat, or swim around for a bit. No cliff jumping for me. We had a wonderful time at Lake Powell. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Doug, Maci Bo, & Britton taking a ride in the canoe

Britton loved setting on Papa's lap on our boat rides
and helping with the driving
The front of the boat was the kids favorite place to be
Tanner loved swimming . He was in the water from morning till night everyday!

Maci Bo loved the Boat rides the best at Lake Powell.
Here she was taking cover from the sun and enjoying
every bit of it.
We took a long boat ride on Saturday and went and
found a nice clean vacant area for the kids to swim
and play on the beach. It was beautiful. The boys loved
climbing up the big rocks, and chasing lizards.
Maci bo and her cousin Ellie took a ride in the big tube
with their Aunt Chelsea and Cousin Stephanie.

We had such a great time at Lake Powell . Every year we take a summer trip with all of Dougs Brothers and Sisters and their Families, along with his parents. We take the house boat out on the lake and park it and camp for about 4 days. This year we went over into the Gunsight area and found a beach. The kids had so much fun swimming, jumping off the top of the house boat,(yes it scared me to death), jumping off rocks into the water, chasing lizards, and just playing with cousins. It was around 100 degrees the whole time we were their, so needless to say we spent a lot of time cooling off in the water. Britton was kind of afraid of the water, which in my eyes that was a good thing. He kept his life jacket on the whole time we were their. Maci Bo was very willing to pose for a picture ofcourse, in and out of her busy playing schedule. Tanner hardly ever made a peep. He had a blast playing with all of his cousins.