Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First School Days......

Well, another School year has started. Where did the Summer go? I'm sure everyone is asking that same question! We started school on the 14th of this month, so just a couple of days ago! That means I started back to work and Tanner started second grade. So far, everything is going pretty good. Tanner is loving his second grade teacher and adapting really well to the new year. Hopefully it keeps on going well. As far as my job goes , this is my 3rd year and the job just keeps on getting better as the years go on. I love my job, and I love the kids at the school. Honestly, their is no better job to have.
Maci Bo will start kindergarten in 1 week from today! I can't believe it. Two of my kids will be in Elementary school which just blows me away. We had a first day Celebration at school, where the kids got to bring their parents and we had an assembly and the kids got to make crafts. Then afterwards we went out to the football field where the kids sang a song and the teachers did a line dance while all of the parents watched. It was pretty funny, and then afterwards we had refreshments. It was really fun for the kids and a good oppurtunity for the parents to spend time with their kids at school.