Monday, August 4, 2008

A day at Panguitch Lake Campground!

Every where we go, she strikes a pose!
Doug had to grab Tanner and hold him tight in order for me to get a picture of him.
(Look mom, a Pinecone!)
Britton was trying to blow out some fire that had started on the side of the fire pit.
We had our annual Johnson Family reunion this weekend up to Panguitch Lake. We only made it for the one day this year, but we still had a great time. The kids were entertained all day long. They picked up pinecones most of the day and went on little walks around the campground. Unfortunatley the camp fire was a little to interesting for them. That is where they wanted to hang out most of the time. Britton was trying his hardest to blow it out. ( I know, kindof scary) They made noodles on the camp fire with pince cones and pine needles. Kids and their imaginations, gotta love it!

Swim lessons

My kids just finished swim lessons on Saturday. They absoulutely love to swim. Tanner completed the level 3 advanced beginner class and has mastered several skills like bobbing in deep water, kneeling dives, compact dives, front glides, back glides, front and back crawls,elementary back stroke, treading water among a few others. He is doing awesome. He has such great form while he is swimming and diving. I am very proud of him.
Maci Bo is also doing very well. She'll need a few more years to catch up to Tan, but she loves the water and loves putting her face in while she swims as you can see. She has come along way. We didn't actually put Britton in this year, but he came with every morning and got in the water and loved every minute of it. It's his turn as well next year.