Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maci's Last Soccer Game.......

Maci had her last Soccer game Wednesday night! This was her first year of soccer and she did so well. She was very aggressive most of the time and you could tell she just thouroughly enjoyed playing. After her game I told her this was her last and she gave me a dirty look and said"My last game, No I don't want it to be my last. "Will I ever get to play again?" I told her she would next year, and she said That's to far away mom! Anyways, she has other things to keep her occupied like school, dance & clogging this year so , she should be just fine!

What does a Mother Do?

Well, Talk about Heart ache. My youngest, Britton Started Preschool this Tuesday, the 17th. He goes twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he is gone from 8:30 until 12:00. He is picked up by a lady here in town, in a school district car, and driven their twice a week. So, back to the whole heartache thing. Britton is barely 3, he is my baby, the only reason he is going to Enoch isbecause he has qualified for help with his speech, and the first day of sending him off to his new prechool, he was so sad, which in turn made me and his daddy sad. We put him in the car and buckled him up, and he frowned the whole time, and then I gave him a kiss and a hug and said, goodbye little buddy, and he started bawling and reaching for me and his daddy. Now that was heart wrenching! It's one thing to send your kid up the street to school, but quite another to putyour baby in a car with someone they don't know, and send them 25 miles away, on the freeway,saying goodbye, while they are wondering if they will ever see you again, and I'm sure he was thinking why are they doing this to me. If you could have just seen the look on his cute little face. I couldn't take it so I just ran in the house and bawled for a minute, until We got the phone call that he stopped crying once they got to the freeway. I know that Our kids have to grow up, but why does it have to happen so fast? I have to say that I have never experienced more joy than the day I became a mother to my 3 beautiful children. They are so beautiful and full of life. When they hurt, I hurt, when they cry, I cry, and when they smile,I smile. Being a mother isn't easy, but it's also one of the greatest rewards on this earth, and I am so fortunate to be a mother to these children of mine. I also have to say that I love my husband so very much and he is a wonderful Daddy to our kids. I need to take my own advice to people," Be grateful for what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don't have"

He was so sad on his very first day, but today, on his second day, he was a lot happier. There was no crying, which made the day go a lot better for us all! He still didn't want to cooperate for pictures though.