Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Valentines Day Masterpiece!

Yes, I know, Valentines was a few weeks ago, I'm a little slow getting these pics out.
Maci was on the Valentines Day Party Committee for her Kindergarten class this year. We decided to make Cupcakes and I wanted to do something a little more "fun" and "creative" than just a regular old cupcake. I used rieces pieces peanut butter cups, tootsie rolls, and red hots to create a choo choo train and then use red icing gel to make the track on the cupcake. I got this idea out of Family Fun Magazine. For those of you that have never looked in the magazine, or on the website, I strongly recommend that you do. I think they turned out adorable, but I always wait till the last minute and then I get crazy stressed out. But all in all I felt pretty good about them and I enjoy spending time on projects for my kids. (Even in and out of all the stress)
When I walked in the Kindergarten room with them, all of the kids started squealing and oooohing, and ahhhhhing. They thought they were pretty neat. It was worth the extra time just to see the faces of those cute kids.