Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My little girl started Kindergarten................

Another milestone..... It seems like just yesterday
she was born and here she is 5 years old and starting
into her school years.
Yes, hard to believe. Maci Bo started Kindergarten
today! She was so excited, she could hardly get to
sleep last night. Her Daddy had to take her to school
today because I was at work, and he did such a wonderful
job getting her dressed, out the door, and he took all of these
beautiful pics of her. He is an awesome daddy. I just had to do her
hair and set out her clothes and doug was good to go with the rest.
She was so good to stay their without a fuss. I got to
go in a give her a big hug and wish her luck. I guess thats the beauty
of working at the school.
When I went to pick her up, she ran to me and gave me a great big
hug and said "Mommy can I do it again?" She loved it!


Well, another year of soccer began about a month
ago. This is Tanner's 3rd year , and Maci Bo's first
year. The kids have had a lot of fun. Tanner has been
much more aggresssive this year. He is doing awesome.
Tanners was the goalie in his game on Saturday. They all
take turns rotating through different positions.
Maci Bo is just learning, but also doing very well and
having a lot of fun. Maci Bo's Team name is the Pink
Tigers, and Tanners is the Green Tigers. What a
coinsedence? The most important thing is they are
having fun!

Soccer Time .......................

She makes up these poses all on her own.

Tanner and Britt Before Tan's game on Saturday!

Maci Bo and her Soccer Team! Aren't they a bunch
of cuties! You have no idea how excited Maci was
to have Pink Soccer outfits. That made playing
soccer even that much better!!!