Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days of School......

Can't believe we've been through 10 days of school already! The first day was so much fun for the kids.. You get to bring a parent or grandparent with you for 2 hours on the first day and do all sorts of activities..The kids had so much fun, and as you can see so did I. I got to race in a box car down the track with the teachers and a few of the aides at our school... It was a blast.. Other than my car was pretty beat up before it was all said and done. All the men were playing demolition derby instead of racing down the track..LOL It was so much fun....
Tanner is loving 4th grade... says this is his best year yet, but he says that every year! Lol but that is a good thing:) No homework yet, he finishes it all at school.
Maci is loving 2nd grade,,, She has turned into the little jump roping queen... Has a darling class with lots of good , cute, friends!!!
And my BABY, Britton, He started kindergarten just 2 days ago:(...I cannot believe it! He seemed pretty proud to go.. He finally gets to be in the big school with Tanner and Maci... Hes been looking forward to that for a few years now... Seems to be doing really well. I hope it all goes well. The first year of school always makes me nervous with each one of my kids!!!!


Shauni Kaye said...

Awwww.....So dang cute....They look so grown up. Looks like they had a blast and sounds like they still are:) That's great Tanner loves school so much. And I can't believe your baby is in school now. So cute. Hope to see you guys soon.