Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun with Cousins

The kids have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks with their cousins. My Brothers kids Mckinlee and Braxon got to come and stay with us for four days. We kept them all pretty busy swimming, doing the slip and slide , watching the fireworks at the summer games opening, and just hanging out and having fun. They were so good and so fun to have around. Then two days after they went back home, Tanner and Maci Bo went and stayed with them for four days, in Mayfield.
My Sisters little boy Trey came home with my mom and dad on their way home from New York City, and he also got to go and spend time with them. I went and stayed a few days with my mom and dad and the kids and then we came home and brought Trey home to stay with us for 3 days. And yes it just keeps going on, My sister took Tanner home with her for 8 days and that is where he is right now until they come back down here on their way to Salina for the 4th of July, for four more days. I really miss my little man. But, I think it is so good for all the kids to be able to spend time together. I really enjoyed having my niece and nephews around, I just wish I could see them more. Trey got a little surprise while he was here though, from his uncle Doug. Doug decided to shave Treys hair off. Now for those of you who know Trey, He doesn't usually "do" short hair, he did say it was ok to cut it, but, I think he thought it was just going to be a little Trim. Not only that, but, his mother had just put blonde highlights in his hair a week and a half before this, and their was no permission granted by her to shave his hair off, but for those of you who know doug," anything goes" needless to say, after Trey seen it , he was a little shocked as to how short it was. He didn't think it was going to be that short. ( Sorry Shauni and Jason !)So Doug was in Trouble for a few days. It really does look good on him though, and now he matches Tanner and Britton! I really enjoyed having Trey here as well, he was such a good boy. I'll take my nieces and nephews anytime I can get them.